Injection molding services are most commonly required as a significant proportion of all plastic products that are ranging from micro parts to large components. Such process is commonly required for automotive spare parts, cell phone parts, toys, and different medical devices. In simple words, injection molding service are virtually required for industrial and manufacturing process, whether they are fixed or flexible in size and shape. This process is common to use to have consistently extended the boundaries of designs in plastics and enabled vital replacement of materials. Most common type of material that is used for this process include, but not limited to Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene ABS, Nylon PA, Polycarbonate (PC, PP) and polystyrene GPPS. Most common products that need injection molding services include:

  • Power-tool housing disposable razors, electrical switches and Television Cabinets
  • Automotive bumpers and spare parts, drug inhalation units and DVDs
  • Wheelie Bins, Cell phone parts, washing-up bowls, bottle lids and automotive dash boards

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